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  September 16, 2019
Father and Son Antiques
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Sussex County, New Jersey


Father and Son Antiques was formed over 25 years ago by David and Ed Sperling. The business specializes in fine American Antique Clocks from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Both David and Ed began as collectors, with David’s interest beginning in the late 1960’s and Ed following suit in the mid 1980’s. The business took form in the early 1990’s and has steadily grown and changed with the times. In addition to adapting to the changing market and technology over that time, we have expanded the business to include full consulting services and appraisals along with the purchase and sale of antique American Clocks.

Our integrity and reputation are our biggest assets. We are authenticators first and dealers second. You will see from the detailed descriptions of the clocks on the site that each piece has been meticulously evaluated and all important details photographed.  
Our interests in American Antiques grew well beyond just clocks over the years, and our experience with other forms of Americana such as furniture, paintings, mirrors, and other accessories has added to and enhanced our ability to evaluate all of the many components that make up an antique clock.

David has also expanded his interests into the area of research and authorship. He has published numerous articles in the Maine Antique Digest, The Newtown Bee Antiques and Arts Weekly and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) Bulletins.

Over all the years, we have formed many close and valued business and personal relationships. These include both clients and colleagues which span retail collectors, other antique dealers, institutions, auction house owners and their professional staffs, conservators, researchers and the publication teams representing the major antique periodicals.

We greatly enjoy this business and all the interesting roads it has taken us on and the people we have met due to our interest in antiques.